Dexshell Poland

how to build recognizable brand investing less than 3.000 $

It all started because I had a dog and I like skiing. It was july evening 2013 when I was looking for something that could help me training with my dog during rainy days. Browsing Internet I found a page of unknown brand that offered waterproof equipment: socks, hats and gloves. Producer was claiming that those products could keep my legs, hands and head dry and warm at the same time, even on rainy, windy and cold days. I wanted to buy some of those, but there was one small problem: nobody was selling that product in Poland! And probably I would skip that site, if I didn’t see equipment designed for skiers. As a huge enthusiast of skiing I had to have them! I contacted producer asking if ones would be interested in distributing Dexshell in Poland and, if yes, what would be the conditions of cooperation. I got a reply with a distribution contract two days later. Offer was really good, so I decided to become an official distributor of Dexshell in Poland and one of first Dexshell distributors in Europe.

What was my plan?

I created official site with online store, Facebook fanpage and Instagram account before I received first delivery. I had no costs, because all of that I was doing on my own.

I contacted some bloggers, runners, skiers, trainers and established initial cooperation with them hoping to have some promotion before starting regular sale. Still no costs, because I offered barter cooperation.

I tested all products by myself before I sent them to my “influencers”. Products turned out to be of high quality and they were what they were promised to be: waterproof, breathable and warm at the same time.

Thanks to that Dexshell started to sell the day the store was launched. After that everything was happening very quickly. Dexshell was recognized as a product for professionals and amateurs in love with extreme sports (ultramarathons, freeski, ironmen etc.) that didn’t want to quit their training just because of bad weather.

Dexshell became an official partner of Winter Ultramarathon of Karkonosze, Cracovian Mountain Festival and many more events gathering people dedicated to extreme sports.

About Dexshell Polska you can read more here:ękawiczki/