how to become a company owner in less than ten days

To be honest, I didn’t want to start a company and it all happened because I didn’t have much choice. It was summer 2011, when I had to decide whether I should have had or not take over my dad’s company. The firm had already been in trouble for a while back then and due to his health condition he couldn’t run it. It took me ten days to check the real financial status of the company, costs, agreements with suppliers and to figure out what’s next.

In those ten days, I decided to take it over, renegotiate contracts with current suppliers and look for new ones, I decided to reduce the number of hired employees and change the profile of services we were suppose to offer.

Why? Because my dad was providing electrical services connected with sale of electric equipment and I had no idea about any of those things.

I decided that we would resign from providing electrical services and focus on sales and finding new customers. In addition to individual customers, we began to wholesale for small electrical companies. Even though I had no idea about electric service and equipment, I decided to try it not as a professional electrician, but as a professional project manager and business strategist. And it worked!

I have redesigned whole business strategy switching from offer for big corporation clients to offer for small business and individual clients. Thanks to that I was able to learn how to manage companies in crisis and how to repair their budget. I learned how to be strict about budgeting and looking for some unconventional solutions.

It were very educative seven years that turned into my huge managing experience.