Nostra ræstingar Ehf.

how to make things work

I came to Iceland in June 2018 and the same month I started to work in Nostra Nostra ræstingar Ehf. I was hired as a project manager in a laundry and my main goal was to - simply saying - make things work.

The laundry was serving hotels and AirBnB apartments owners, unfortunately despite the equipment and employees, there were no procedures that would allow seamless cooperation.

I started to work as a regular worked to understand how laundry actually works and what was it main problem. After ten days I knew what needed to be done.

I started from contacting with clients asking them about service quality and main obstacles they met in cooperation. Then I decided to reorganize whole washing/delivery procedure and rules of stock, changing schedule for clients and employees. All started to run smoothly in less than a month.

After three months I was asked to run a cleaning department too. For a few months I was responsible for laundry and cleaning department, managing almost thirty people on a daily basis. I was responsible for preparing schedules, ordering supplies, contact with clients and client service in general.